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“Thank You for Smoking”…NOT!

I started smoking around the age of 15-16, yea stupid huh? Carried away by my peers, it was all about the coolness at first (one of the common reason for most young smokers) but then I stopped paying attention to how cool it was and it became a habit. Years passed, the amount of cigarettes I smoked increased, especially after my parents learned (they weren’t too happy about that). Dad was a heavy smoker himself, but stopped with medical aid when I was a child, and mom is asthmatic, enough said. Both knew there was nothing they could do to stop me, they just asked for me to decrease the number of cigarettes I smoked and the usual health concerns talks were there of course. Smoking became part of my life, each morning before university I picked up a pack from the same mini market and headed down. Having a very active nightlife, cigarettes were always present at most times of the day. With a best friend that smoked heavily as well,  stopping to smoke wasn’t even a considerable option at the time. But around 5 months ago, I woke up one day, and well I decided to stop…cold turkey. You might ask “why?”, it’s simple, I just wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t slave to my addiction. And that day was indeed the end of the line for cigarettes in my life. And surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to accomplish, sure I had my cravings, but I persevered. A lot of people admired my will, and they encouraged me a lot, it pushed me to continue. Friends at university, my family and tweeps, all were there to support me and I can’t thank them enough, because I am smoke free today because they believed I could follow through. So to all you smokers out there, take note of this real life experience, do yourself and the people who love you a favor, show that cigarette who’s boss…if i can do it, you can.


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