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Raw fish, the new Lebanese trend

Lebanese have been known to popularize things that  were already present a long time ago but for some unknown reason “halla2 woslotlon”.  Like the bingo wave that hit Lebanon a couple of years ago, everybody gets hyped up about it and it is everywhere you go (noticeable uprising of a big number of sushi joints across Lebanon, making it accessible and convenient) . Not only that, but it hits almost all age groups, and you end up being part of it all whether you like it or not! I am not a fish lover myself, i usually have my own special meal while the whole family eats fish. But raw fish? who would have imagined! Yes i confess, i am a sushi lover and i enjoy every bit of its amphibian rawness. how and why remains unknown, just like how it has become one of the “main courses” of the middle and high societies of Lebanon. I would expect this trend to die out in a couple of years time, since there has a been a cyclical trend pattern which has clearly appeared over the years. The question is, what’s next?

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