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How i suffered to write my first post

Well…here goes!

I first opened up a twitter account back in 2009. At first it was just to please a friend who already had an account, but I didn’t find any use for it whatsoever and I was very indifferent. Months had passed and I eventually  grasped the concept of it all, and i started to follow and be followed, slowly constructing a sort of “social media society”. Most of them being bloggers, and not the kind that would write about “omg Justin Bieber is awesome” bloggers but the serious information provider bloggers. I was motivated to create my own, already having the name of it in my head but no subject to begin with. I kept on procrastinating , blaming it on how busy i was with my final semester at university. But summer came, and still nothing. So i left it there…empty. The “Under Construction” was haunting me, but my mind became blank every time i faced it. Until certain tweeps (@jennhaddad , @BattikhBaladeh ) inspired me and encouraged me to write about my “suffering” in seeking the ice breaker subject. And here i am writing it, i guess it wasn’t that hard, i was just making too much of a fuss about it. Hope this is a good beginning, easy on the critics and thank you for reading 🙂


Under Construction =)

hello everyone, my blog is still under construction. I will hopefully start working on it as soon as possible. 🙂

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