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Internet Explorer 9 Beta Review (Guest written on

When you hear Internet Explorer, first thing that pops through your mind is: Buggy, slow, unresponsive and ugly user interface. Yes the famous Microsoft browser has carried on a bad reputation from generation to generation, and we wouldn’t expect any better.

On September 15th 2010, Microsoft released the Internet Explorer 9 Beta to the crowd. Curious person that I am, I downloaded it to check out what all the pre-release commotion was about.

After a couple of minutes (30mins considering Lebanon’s download rates) it was installed, replacing my old Internet Explorer 8.

“Shiny icon” I thought to myself, “let’s see what’s next”.

Application launched, first thing I noticed was the crisp visuals and simple interface. Microsoft has indeed revamped it completely leaving nothing but the forward and back buttons, a very small address/search bar and tiny icons for the options and favorites on the right. This leaves a huge space (a la Chrome) for the web pages you are browsing. You can feel the integration of the browser with the Windows 7 Operating System. It blends perfectly. is the first page from Explorer that you will experience. It includes fluid graphics and all you will need to know about the browsers features and innovations

I tried first of all the typical websites, Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. And I compared loading times to Firefox which were quite similar. Connecting to Hotmail was particularly faster than on any other browser, almost instant. Then I tried some HTML 5 websites, also performed great as well.

One thing that seems absent though, is a progress bar. Even with the status bar on (optional), there is no progress bar visible while loading web pages.


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