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“Thank You for Smoking”…NOT!

I started smoking around the age of 15-16, yea stupid huh? Carried away by my peers, it was all about the coolness at first (one of the common reason for most young smokers) but then I stopped paying attention to how cool it was and it became a habit. Years passed, the amount of cigarettes I smoked increased, especially after my parents learned (they weren’t too happy about that). Dad was a heavy smoker himself, but stopped with medical aid when I was a child, and mom is asthmatic, enough said. Both knew there was nothing they could do to stop me, they just asked for me to decrease the number of cigarettes I smoked and the usual health concerns talks were there of course. Smoking became part of my life, each morning before university I picked up a pack from the same mini market and headed down. Having a very active nightlife, cigarettes were always present at most times of the day. With a best friend that smoked heavily as well,  stopping to smoke wasn’t even a considerable option at the time. But around 5 months ago, I woke up one day, and well I decided to stop…cold turkey. You might ask “why?”, it’s simple, I just wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t slave to my addiction. And that day was indeed the end of the line for cigarettes in my life. And surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to accomplish, sure I had my cravings, but I persevered. A lot of people admired my will, and they encouraged me a lot, it pushed me to continue. Friends at university, my family and tweeps, all were there to support me and I can’t thank them enough, because I am smoke free today because they believed I could follow through. So to all you smokers out there, take note of this real life experience, do yourself and the people who love you a favor, show that cigarette who’s boss…if i can do it, you can.


Raw fish, the new Lebanese trend

Lebanese have been known to popularize things that  were already present a long time ago but for some unknown reason “halla2 woslotlon”.  Like the bingo wave that hit Lebanon a couple of years ago, everybody gets hyped up about it and it is everywhere you go (noticeable uprising of a big number of sushi joints across Lebanon, making it accessible and convenient) . Not only that, but it hits almost all age groups, and you end up being part of it all whether you like it or not! I am not a fish lover myself, i usually have my own special meal while the whole family eats fish. But raw fish? who would have imagined! Yes i confess, i am a sushi lover and i enjoy every bit of its amphibian rawness. how and why remains unknown, just like how it has become one of the “main courses” of the middle and high societies of Lebanon. I would expect this trend to die out in a couple of years time, since there has a been a cyclical trend pattern which has clearly appeared over the years. The question is, what’s next?


How i suffered to write my first post

Well…here goes!

I first opened up a twitter account back in 2009. At first it was just to please a friend who already had an account, but I didn’t find any use for it whatsoever and I was very indifferent. Months had passed and I eventually  grasped the concept of it all, and i started to follow and be followed, slowly constructing a sort of “social media society”. Most of them being bloggers, and not the kind that would write about “omg Justin Bieber is awesome” bloggers but the serious information provider bloggers. I was motivated to create my own, already having the name of it in my head but no subject to begin with. I kept on procrastinating , blaming it on how busy i was with my final semester at university. But summer came, and still nothing. So i left it there…empty. The “Under Construction” was haunting me, but my mind became blank every time i faced it. Until certain tweeps (@jennhaddad , @BattikhBaladeh ) inspired me and encouraged me to write about my “suffering” in seeking the ice breaker subject. And here i am writing it, i guess it wasn’t that hard, i was just making too much of a fuss about it. Hope this is a good beginning, easy on the critics and thank you for reading 🙂

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